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Kevin Lo


The phoenix saga

Phoenix has a problem with sound check, and I don't speak French. Lead singer Thomas Mars turns to the engineer on his right, points at his microphone, then waves his hand in an upward motion.

10 most overrated albums of all time

Overrated. This term is most often uttered in one of two situations. Situation one: A new band is getting an incredible amount of press for their debut album.

Grammy predictions

Record of the year Will win: Usher featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris -- "Yeah!" You might hate it, but it loves you. Should win: Ray Charles & Norah Jones -- "Here We Go Again" It's Ray.

You spin me round round like a frisbee

Ka-ching is a pleasing sound to all disc golfers," says Tournament Director Tom Snyder. He's referring to the noise his disc just made as it landed in hole two of the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course in northern Philadelphia.

Apple Reveals iPod shuffle

Posters reading "Life is random" lined the walls of last Wednesday's Macworld expo as Steve Jobs and Apple unveiled their newest product in the ubiquitous iPod genealogy.

'Street' wonders: where the hell is judith rodin?

Scenario 1: In an obvious yet profitable move, J. Ro planned to capitalize on the similarities between her and J.

An abbreviated history of Penn landmarks

The Compass The Compass was actually the first frisbee used in a game of "Ultimate." When the University was founded, they had nary a tool to produce efficient flying discs; thus, they had to construct this one out of marble.

Reality Bytes

Whatever happened to actually accomplishing something before reaching celebrity status? Whatever happened to the milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?

Still representing Montreal

You were hanging out on St. Catherine Street?" Hamelin replies when Street mentions our encounter with a Chilean prostitute in Montreal.

Just Beat It

They have me on a short leash here," Cedric Bixler says as he tugs on his microphone cord for extra slack.

Eat With Your Hands

Saunter down good ol' Locust Walk just a little further west than normal and you'll come upon a rather nondescript palace of taste bud heaven. Abysinnia is authentic Ethiopian cuisine -- and you'll know from the extensive collection of crafts, artwork, and furniture that encompasses the abode.

New York, New York

Something wonderful is brewing in the garages of New York. With the recent success of The Strokes and Interpol, NYC has become a haven for a new wave of rockers.

Elephantitis: The Good Kind

The White Stripes weren't kidding around when they titled their latest album. Elephant hits like a stampede of blues-injected garage rock, ready to rip and wrangle at the same time.

Here, Kitty Kitty!

Just as Phantom Planet might forever be known as "that band with the guy from Rushmore in it," Boomkat could see the same fate.
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