Class of '03 in da hizz-ouz...Sink or Swim? We sank!!!..."I do what I want"...Ghetto Quad...TCCICCUR2G2B4G10...TMJ + MSM: Tru Luv Waits...Bros B4 Ho's...Pukin' At The Deck...Fling of '99...Twattin' it up at CosŒ...No Tips for BM at BB's...Cancun!!!...Penn Madness Group (oral favors do not guarantee victory)...Seniors Rule...Shoot for the sun and you might hit a star! Oh my God, so I'm totally like, NOT graduating. And I'm, like, really glad that I'm not. Because an entrance into either the drudgerous eight hour workday or the ranks of the unemployed means that Daddy cuts me off. As my father so lovingly reminded me during their annual visit last weekend, "Son, only a little more than 365 days until you get cut off!" But Dad, at least I can still relish in my last year in college. I'm looking forward to my senior year in my posh new pad complete with French maid service, well French in the sense that they once occupied Vietnam. But there seems to be a little misunderstanding between me and my future roomies, mainly stemming from the fact that they don't understand that I neither cook nor clean. Once I attempted to iron a shirt and ended up just burning a hole in one of sleeves. I tried to be fair about it. I tried to work out a deal ("I'll buy your groceries and you can cook and clean for me"). But the girls don't seem to understand. And it's not like I was even asking for that much. When diplomacy fails, force becomes necessary. "Do you think you got lactose intolerance kind of how like when girls live together and they all, you know.."