Go to Lou's Restaurante. The tiny restaurant located on the outskirts of Drexel's campus boasts an incredible selection of Mexican dishes with an American twist. Spawned from his food truck, Lou's Restaurante has been in business a mere two and a half months. But that doesn't mean the service and quality is poor. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It is cozy and warm, creating a friendly ambience in which you can't help but smile.

Lou's Restaurant 305 N. 33rd Street (215) 386-LOUS

Taste buds will be smiling, too. Lou raves about the quesadillas which come with a variety of meats including crab, shrimp, steak and even tofu -- not traditional Mexican food, but genuine in its own right. All of Lou's recipes are original, so each meal will surprise your senses. The other entrees of rice, beans and chicken are just as delicious and innovative.

Lou works hard, but adores his job. He is amiable and friendly, and his charm certainly adds to the eating experience. He has nothing but pure love for his craft. His eyes light up when he explains the cooking experience. "I go out of my way to put love into my food," he explained. Since presentation is so important to Lou, the restaurant is exceptionally clean. The walls are decorated with Southwest themes like saddles and art, and the ceramic plates are vibrant. Lou's Restaurante is a great place to escape the normal fare of campus and immerse yourself in an upbeat atmosphere.


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