Few rappers have the experiences of Paul da Aposta. From his days as a McDonald's fry boy to his current nationwide church tour, Paul is bringing a unique blend of hip-hop to people who see a bit of choirboy in him. Street sat down with Paul before his packed gig at a local WWJD meeting.

Where does your name come from?

Well, back when I was working at McDonalds flipping fries, a vision came to me through the haze of boiling beef tallow. A man, whose face I could not see, called out to me and told me what became my moniker and the favorite words of my fans all across the country: Paul da Aposta. Its originality still baffles me. I guess I feel blessed.

What does the name mean?

Man, how am I supposed to know? You think Jesus knew what his name meant? What's your name mean?

I'm not sure what that has to do with anything.

You gots to be kidding me. It came from a vision man. You don't question visions. You ain't seein' no one question the burning bush or any shit like that. So why question my name? You all just jealous.

So you've never heard of Paul the Apostle?

You know, when I get asked ridiculous questions like that, I just take a deep breath and count to ten. I don't think people are mean at heart, but sometimes that's really hard to think with mothafuckas like you tryin to play a Christian out. Of course I heard of my man Paul. But what does that have to do with my fucking name? They ain't the same.

What would Jesus think of your language?

He ain't here, is he?

No I guess he's not. What was your best performance?

I'm glad you asked. This one time, while I was working at McDonalds -- I had been upgraded to taking orders that day -- none other than P. Diddy walked in and wanted some fries. I said to the man, "Diddy, I'll cook you up some mothafuckin' fries myself. But you gots to listen to my tape. Shit is hot." So he told me he ain't got time to listen to me, so I got up on the counter and just layed it out hardcore. I got so lost in the moment though that I didn't see where he went. Probably to go get his lawyer to sign my ass to a record deal.


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