Tami Fertig:

Smokey Robinson

Smokey is Motown. Listening to him sing those timeless love songs in that easy-on-the'-ears voice of his, I almost consider paying the $5 billion dollars to see him play live at Trump Plaza --the Atlantic City venue that caters to the octogenarians of New Jersey. Who will deny that "Cruisin'" is the best make-out song ever (after Roxy Music's "Avalon")?

Kevin Lo

Jim Guthrie

Now, More than Ever

For everyone waiting for Sufjan Stevens to put out his next state-themed album, rest easy in the delicious melodies of Jim Guthrie. Picture Grandaddy's Jason Lytle fronting a band with less dreamy electronics, more symphony orchestra. The gorgeous "Lovers Do" tugs and tears at all the right places. Never have I wanted so badly to pull out my middle school violin.

Eugenia Salvo Nada Surf

Let Go

Kevin Lo has explained to me that the only way I can make Nada Surf my editor's pick this week is if I explain to everyone that they are now a completely different band. Gone are the days of "Popular" and pop songs. Nada Surf is now more about fruit flies, Bob Dylan albums and sounding more indie rock. This album will enchant you, break your heart and make you dance all at the same time.


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