Taxi Director: Tim Story Starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon Rated: PG-13

Sometimes it's nice to turn your brain off and watch a shallow comedy with a brainless plotline. Tommy Boy and Billy Madison, for example, proved that movies don't always have to hold deep meanings to be successful. Taxi's bad jokes and worse dialogue, however, prevent it from joining the elevated ranks of the films with SNL alums.

Jimmy Fallon plays a loser cop trying to prove himself by catching a crew of bank robbers. He meets up with Queen Latifah, a taxi driver aspiring to be a NASCAR racer, whose fiesty personality cannot save this movie. Her character is painfully reminiscent of Latifah's Belle in Bringin' Down the House, only this time she's helping a pathetic cop instead of a deadbeat dad.

Gisele Bundchen (former "model of the year") plays the lead bank robber and keeps this movie slightly entertaining. She has the entire bad-ass package, complete with a bright red, fully-loaded BMW and, of course, numerous unnecessary scenes of her in tiny skirts frisking the hostages for weapons.

Despite the sex appeal that the supermodel provides the film, Jimmy Fallon fails to live up to Adam Sandler and Chris Farley. Instead, he leaves us all begging for him to go back to Saturday Night Live and leave movies to the real comedians.


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