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Alexandra Chalat


Basketball a la Carter

In 1999 Ken Carter, head coach of an inner city high school basketball team in California, created a large controversy when he locked out his undefeated team because they were doing poorly in school.

California, here we come?

It all started with 90210 : a rich gang of Beverly Hills High Schoolers desperately trying to make it through the drama of their teenage years.

Fallon has Fallen

Taxi Director: Tim Story Starring Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon Rated: PG-13 Sometimes it's nice to turn your brain off and watch a shallow comedy with a brainless plotline.

Easy to forget

There is nothing creepier than watching a movie in which the main character discovers that she is schizophrenic and has imagined every event in her life (you know you were paranoid after A Beautiful Mind). There is nothing more enthralling than watching a cheesy alien movie (you've seen Independence Day. Don't lie). The Forgotten, contrary to what one might think, is neither.
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