Star Wars Trilogy DVD Box Set, featuring Episode IV, V, VI and Special Features Starring: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher Director: George Lucas (IV), Irvin Kershner (V), Richard Marquand (VI) Rated: PG

Why has it taken so long for the original Star Wars Trilogy to come out on DVD? George Lucas was holding out for a Laserdisc comeback. That's right, Laserdisc. Good thinking George. We love the '80s too!

Regardless, the Special Edition DVDs that finally hit the shelves a couple of weeks ago further subject die-hard fans to the "Han Shot First" debate -- Greedo, we love you! They are not the original versions of the films, but rather what one could call special editions of the Special Editions. The films themselves were digitally remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 EX sound, producing enough bass to blow the pleated skirt off a freshman girl ... if you could first convince her to come over with promises of Star Wars. At least your dad will think it's pretty sweet.

The real reason to check out the DVD set, however, is the special features. Aside from a sneak peek at Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (the major fight scene looks incredible) and a detailed history of the production of the original trilogy, fans will be able to see previously unreleased footage of Luke accidentally breaking his light saber on Darth Vader's helmet, as well as early story concepts of Han Solo as a big green alien and Princess Leia as a butch female, the most arousing and non-gender specific Star Wars image ever.

Overall, the box set has features that fans of the trilogy will wet their pocket-protectors over, and while it might not completely restore faith in George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise (The Phantom Menace is unforgivable), we can be comforted in knowing that in two years we will have to fork over another $150-plus for a box set of all six films. And you thought Jabba the Hutt was greedy.


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