Millions is one of those rare films with witty dialogue that appeals to viewers of all ages. Set in Manchester, England, the film features a fictional time in the near future when the British are about to switch currencies from the pound to the Euro. Millions gives a look into the lives of two young brothers whose mother has recently passed away. When luck provides them with a large amount of currency that they must spend before the changeover, the boys become superstars for their wealth.

Both of the young actors (Alex Etel and Lewis McGibbon) show promise in their respective roles as a visionary philanthropist and a typically confused child following the death of a loved one. But it's the film's strong moral fiber that allows a valuable message to emanate from start to finish. Impressive cinematography with a focus on primary colors keeps the film bright, and the numerous suspenseful scenes are well-crafted. In addition, there's a strong sense of legitimacy, as all of the characters' emotions are acted with finesse. Danny Boyle has created a film that keeps audiences laughing and crying, an impressive feat in the current cinematic landscape.


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