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Stephen R. Morse



Most people know Nick Cannon as the "guy from Drumline." Though the 24-year-old looks like he's still in high school -- which is fitting because of his portrayal of a cop who goes undercover at a prep school in his new movie, Underclassman -- Cannon is now leaving his mark all over the entertainment industry.

Better Than Dodgeball

Let's face it: when we hear Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are starring in a movie entitled Wedding Crashers, we expect big things from one of our generation's most beloved duos.

A lot like shit

You've got to try pretty hard to make a movie with a plot line as pathetic as A Lot Like Love's.

Friday night fights

Located on the street that bears its name adjacent to the Ellsworth-Federal subway stop on the Orange Line is a diner that separates itself from the pack in areas beyond its round-the-clock service. Upon entering the diner, an unaccustomed visitor would wait for the host or hostess to seat the new arrivals.


After nearly four years and a $26 million facelift, Old Original Bookbinder's reopened in Old City on February 21, 2005.

Ending on a happy note

Danny Boyle directed Trainspotting, your favorite movie about heroin, and shortly thereafter you became a junkie.

Where's your pound now?

Millions is one of those rare films with witty dialogue that appeals to viewers of all ages.

Silverstone rises from the dead

From the producers of Barbershop and Bringing Down the House, Beauty Shop transports the ethos of the "ghetto" Barbershop to a women's salon.

Johnny B. Good

Amidst the many vintage shops that adorn South Street is one vintage eatery: Johnny Rockets. With locations in 30 states and countries like the United Arab Emirates (gotta love globalization), this successful chain brings back the '50s diner atmosphere to the corner of Fourth and South streets. For starters, options are limited to "Grease"y classics like French fries ($1.99), Chili Fries ($3.39), and onion rings ($2.99). Calorie counters beware, because traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshakes ($3.39) are thick and thus irresistible. Rockets' one-third pound burgers are a good 10 notches above McDonald's quality, yet comparable in price to fast food.

You're looking "pastry"

Just six blocks east of the river Seine (Schuylkill) between Ave. des Champs Elysees (Chestnut Street) and Rue du Rivoli (Sansom), Parisian expatriates in search of beloved homemade sweets find heaven in Yann Patisserie & Cafe.

Who are you calling stupid, stupid?

Only a few blocks south of the heart of Center City lies a cozy eatery called the Warsaw Cafe. Since 1979, when Brezhnev's Communist regime controlled the Soviet Bloc, proprietor Marion Jarzemski and his mother Marie have been doling out traditional Eastern European dishes that would make even the most staunch commies consider immigrating to Philadelphia.
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