Into the Blue, starring teen heartthrobs Paul Walker and Jessica Alba, pretty much unfolds as one would expect. Tanned treasure hunter Jared (Walker) cuddles with tanned beach gal Sam (Alba) on the shores of Barbados as the sun sets behind them. They become entangled in an island-wide conspiracy over the treasures from a lost plane, and must ultimately decide whether true love trumps gold doubloons. In the meantime, the duo must battle sharks, smugglers, and faulty equipment with the help of Jared's wisecracking brother Bryce (Scott Caan, Boiler Room).

This cinematic combination seems almost too formulaic to be true, but despite Walker's stiff performance and gratuitous shots of Alba's anatomy, Blue differentiates itself admirably from cookie-cutter action flicks. Much of the movie's action is underwater, but unlike other hydro-thrillers, the water serves as a backdrop rather than a gimmick. Characters silently interact with each other and their environment, and slow-motion effects highlight some good acting beneath the surface. Indeed, the innovative camera play and the shameless use of bikini scenes makes the film satisfactory enough for a nice mindless romp on a Saturday night.


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