There are two kinds of people who will like 17 Again. One is someone who will recognize the sad irony of Matthew Perry (“The One Who Was That Guy On Friends”), an actual has-been, playing a has-been. The other is any girl who is a sucker for Zac Efron’s aw-shucks smile that could sell toothpaste to the toothless. To these people, 17 Again will be everything you want it to be, and absolutely nothing else.

In the grand tradition of “What if I had it to do all over again?” movies (see also: Never Been Kissed, 13 Going on 30), 17 Again’s Mike O’Donnell (Perry, Efron) is a guy who knocked up his high school honey (Leslie Mann), swapping college for domestic bliss. Problem is, O’Donnell sucks at fatherhood and husbandry. Obviously, he has to fall down a sparkly black hole and emerge as his 17-year-old self.

17 Again entertains and has shining moments of funny (which are occasionally overwhelmed by cringe-worthy moments of awkward). Take 17 Again at face value and enjoy. After all, it is a really attractive face.


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