THAR 275: Advanced Topics in Theatre — Adaptation with Cary Mazer This class changes every semester, but is always an upper–level seminar taught by a professor in the Theatre Arts Department. I took this class with Dr. Jim Schlatter on Contemporary American Drama, and though I’m a Theatre Arts minor, you don’t have to be theatrically inclined to enroll. The class focused on reading plays, including several very recently published works. We saw new plays all over Philadelphia, and I got to interview several playwrights for a presentation. Lots of healthy debate, interesting things to read and a dose of Philadelphia culture made this class one of the best I’ve taken. —Reni Ellis

FNAR 622: Big Pictures — Mural Art with Jane Heriza and Shira Walinsky Co–taught by Heriza, head of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program, students are given the opportunity to research an issue throughout the semester and finish the class by executing a mural that they helped to design. This semester we are exploring the meaning of housing in the city through studying the history and implementation of murals and public art. Besides being one of the most interesting and engaging courses I’ve taken, this class provides you with the best possible way to leave your mark on the city. —Hilary Miller

THAR 271: American Musical Theatre with David Fox This class really gives an interesting view of the history of musical theatre. So far we have discussed operas and their influence on the theatre industry. We get to spend time reading and listening to musicals and talking about how the realm of musical theatre has changed over the years. We get to talk about shows and get to listen to some great music. —Sarah Tomberlin

FNAR 123–401: Drawing I with Deirdre Murphy The class focuses mostly on drawing from observation, which forces you to take note of every detail of your subject. The ability to look critically at the world around you gained in a drawing class is invaluable in any medium of art, whether it be graphic design, sculpture or even video art. Not to mention that the opportunity to have three hours of uninterrupted drawing time in the middle of your day and get credit for it is kind of amazing. —Katherine Eisenberg