As an English major who has never taken a finance/marketing/management/advertising/Wharton–mumble–jumble class, I'm simply business–talk inept. Sure, I can hold a conversation about friends' investment banking internships, but I'd much rather banter back and forth about Sammy Hagar's memoirs of a crazed Eddie Van Halen. It's not superficial. It's a difference in interest thank you very much.

But as we all know, many a common Pennfolk would rather swap OCR stories than dish about Britney's new album (sigh). Penn has a rep of fostering the best and brightest business minds — Donald Trump, Jon Huntsman, Leonard Lauder. You know, the big guns.

So now some of our peers decided to get a head start on the whole idea of making it in the real world. MeepMe? No not just a poll hacker, but now a (bizzaro) household name. Kitchen at Penn? Now another common option when deciding what to eat for dinner when CampusFood looks blindingly too familiar. Even an English major can admit that's impressive.

We at Street tip our hats to you, future entrepreneurs of America, for showing all of us non pre–professionals that it's possible to make a living… even if we will never ever make as much money as you will. This week's centerspread will surely have dollar signs rolling back in your head.


MeepMe at Smoke's,



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