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Jessica Goodman


King of the Hill

The masterminds behind Supper and Franklin Mortage & Investment Co. make magic at Lemon Hill

PDF: 12.01.2011

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From the Editor: 12.01.2011

I have a secret to share with you. Ready? I hate writing these letters. I'm not particularly funny (at least on purpose). I'm not witty or clever or profound.

From the Editor: 11.17.2011

Rather than use this space as a letter, I’m going to make you a list. If you remember from a few weeks ago (for the three people who read these beside my beloved Mom and Dad), organized girls love lists.

From the Editor: 11.10.2011

Penn’s changed a lot since I first settled into a cramped Hill double three and a half years ago. No more happy hour specials at LTs.

From the Editor: 11.03.2011

I have a theory about being brilliant. If you do something I don’t know how to do, then you must be the best at it.

From the Editor: 10.27.2011

Halloween makes people uncomfortable. Some can’t handle all the costumes, all the candy, all the frat parties named with terrible rhymes. But others get into it.

a.kitchen is a Nice Addition to the Rittenhouse Bistro Scene

Three months into its operation, a.kitchen still has that new–car smell.

Monsu lives up to its sister, Modo Mio

In the heat of the Italian Market, Peter McAndrews’ latest venture Monsu — a twist on the French “monsieur” — brings Sicily right to your plate. This BYO’s European portions and rejection of the Americanized menu are refreshing.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Rottiseur serves up some casual fare.

Serafina's New City

Serafina’s come to Philadelphia, but its heart’s stuck in NYC.

New Mexican Restaurant Isabel Still Needs Time to Get the Kinks Out

Isabel is a small Mexi–Cali BYO nestled in the foot of a condominium complex right behind the Art Museum.

New Rittenhouse Thai spot Jasmine Rice is Small in Size but Big on Flavor

Make sure you brush your teeth before you go to Jasmine Rice — the small space and tiny tables at this charming new Thai BYO will bring you pretty close to your neighbor, we’re just sayin’. But all elbow–rubbing aside, Jasmine Rice is a restaurant full of character and flavor.

From the Editor: 10.20.2011

Lists are like crack to organized girls. We can add to them indefinitely and make them look elegant and important with curly handwriting.

There's Something about Molly

The rise of MDMA and electronic dance music at Penn

From the Editor: 10.13.2011

I had big plans for Fall Break. I wanted to go to Vegas. I had visions of flaunting my legality. I would sit at a slot machine, shmooze with Cher and sneak into the Real World suite at the Palms. Then Yom Kippur happened. With a last name like Goodman, I knew I couldn’t spend the holiest day of the year parading around with would–be Vegas showgirls.

From the Editor: 09.29.2011

When I was a kid I would devour Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. I would sit in my bathtub and soak for hours, reading and re–reading stories of broken hearts and bones, tales of ‘tough stuff’ and tragedies. I think it stemmed from a typical t(w)eenage yearning to know what’s really up with our peers.

From the Editor: 09.22.2011

My first concert was a really sweaty My Chemical Romance set at the Downtown in Farmingdale, New York.

From the Editor: 09.15.2011

Being Google–able sucks. We crazy college kids can’t really do stupid stuff anymore. Well, that’s not true.

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