As most wrestled with the rained–out Quad activities on Saturday, I was knee deep in New Orleans. No, I wasn't going through Mardi Gras withdrawal. Instead, I was at the wedding of two 28–year–old Penn alums. They met while living in Philly after graduating and moved into a cozy apartment right next to Audrey Claire one year after that. The two moved to New Orleans, the bride's hometown, soon after and are now settling down to start a family and bleed purple, green and gold. Why is this awesome/relevant/at all interesting to you? Well, the couple is still mourning their college days and their Philly life. Austin, the groom, still asks for pictures of his own photograph hanging in Greek Lady. And Beth, the bride, is still jealous that Bui's is just around the corner. They miss crush parties and Fling and Marathon froyo (RIP the sweet flavors). But probably most importantly, they miss their friends who are flung (HA! More Fling jokes, LoLzZzZ!!!!) all around the country. So here they all gathered for the wedding. Tears were shed as one friend watched her old roommate walk down the aisle. Gasps were heard when a sorority sister caught the bouquet. And giggles were contagious when reminiscing about warm days spent brown bagging the Green. They looked at me with longing; with one year left at dear ole' Penn, I was the subject of their envy. In a Billy Madison–esque moment a drunk bridesmaid grabbed my face and whispered, "Cherish every moment!" It was sad. It was sweet. But most of all, it made me want to hold on to the rest of my time at Penn and of course, my time at Street. As you know, with the last issue of the year, comes what you've been waiting for all year. I won't delay any longer…



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