If “After Midnight,” the second single off Blink–182’s long–awaited reunion album, is any indication, you’ll want to move into the band's Neighborhoods (available now). After a six–year hiatus, Blink–182 returns with the same catchy punk aesthetic that made them one of pop music’s most influential acts.

Atop the thumping, steady beat of Travis Barker’s drums and Tom DeLonge’s bold, driving guitar melodies, Mark Hoppus shines on the soaring choruses. The lyrics reveal a newfound depth to the band’s thematic content — they’re earnest and heartfelt, with more of the emotional intensity of “I Miss You” or “Always” than the goofy irreverence of “Aliens Exist.”

The passage of time has undeniably matured their sound, and this glimpse of Neighborhoods suggests the sixth album is the work of a more grown–up version of the band that used to ask “What’s My Age Again?” Nevertheless, their trademark sound will satisfy die–hard fans and give the generation of kids that missed out on growing up with Blink–182 another chance to get hooked.