Fear not, campus–dweller! If you’re feeling a little intimidated by our contest winner’s awesome–tastic room (see below), check out this vinyl bookend, cheap and easy to make in five quick steps. Besides, your bookshelf could use a little eclectic favor… other than those summer–reading books from high school that you pretend are for leisure. We see right through you.

Materials: 2 vinyls ($1 each) Felt ($5.49) Glue ($1.50) Scissors Spatula Wide–set container (wider than a vinyl and able to hold boiling water)

1. Boil water in a large pot and pour into wide–set container.


2. Submerge vinyl in boiling water up to the bottom of the label and bend it as it softens.

3. Remove the vinyl from the water and flatten it with a spatula.

4. Glue felt to the bottom to avoid scratching furniture.

5. Spice up that bookshelf! We’ll see ya at the next Cribz contest.


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