The Layover Friend

You’re in the same extended friend group but you don’t really hang out…’till now. Tom has a 16-hour layover in Seattle and “how convenient is it that you live here!”

The “Let’s catch up” Friend

You were on the track team together in high school and you’ve been talking about how much you “miss each other” since like forever. Expect the annual “let’s catch up text” and start thinking of an excuse for why “OMG you’d love to but…”

The Transportation Friend

You’re finally on the train/bus/plane home. Your long awaited break has come. You’ve earned it! You have a full row to yourself. Evan, who goes to Temple is from Lancaster and just can't get over how much you have in common and how much homework SUCKS! He's a psych major so you psyched him out with a fake number.

The Family Friend

You thought you were spending spring break in your jammies watching TV and eating unlimited bowls of ice cream on the couch. But SURPRISE! your parents booked a family vacation with the Goldbergs and their son is coming. Who cares if he’s a freak, he’s Jill and Sam’s boy and “you’re the same age, you’ll have tons in common!” Thanks mom.

The Friend of a Friend of a Friend

If you could only bring one thing with you to a desert island what would it be? Did you say Tim’s friend Anna’s friend, Amy? Didn’t think so. As much as we’d all love to just get along let’s face it...we don’t. Choose your spring break group wisely or you may spend your tropical vacation ducking Amy in the pool, by the tiki-hut and at the bar.

The What-Happens-in-Mexico-Stays-in-Mexico Friend