Van Pelt is filled with paper…duh. Book pages, file paper, printer paper, note cards, newspapers — the place is one big paper cut waiting to happen. To add to the list, everyone's favorite library is now hosting an exhibition on the paper artwork of Lesley Haas. When you walk down the hall to Weigle, stop and take a peek in the glass cases on either side of you. In a mixture of two– and three–dimensional pieces, Haas reveals just how limitless paper can be — did you know you could make sculptures of bottles, shoes and dresses out of pulp? She experiments with different types of paper, including handmade sheets containing plants and seeds, as well as scraps of letter, stamps and photographs. The outcomes are beautiful textural collages that evoke a distinct nostalgia for the days of scrapbooking and letter–writing. By the time you reach your booth in Weigle, you’ll be making plans for all those old exams and used notebooks you’ve stored over the years for no apparent reason. Haas’s extraordinary creations have graced the rooms of many major art spaces, such as the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the Smithsonian International Gallery in Washington, D.C., and now our very own VP. The next time you want a study break (which, let’s face it, is every five minutes) check out the exhibition. We promise you it's more interesting than your Econ homework.