The Second Mile Center

214 S. 45th Street

Just a hop and skip west of campus, even the most arthritic among you can get here without straining your joints. And it’s the definition of thrifty — we once found a wonderfully patterned vintage Eddie Bower sweater here for $2.



Sazz Vintage Clothing

60 N. 3rd Street

There’s no place better for quirky shirts and bowties that would be the envy of Mr. Rodgers. There’s also a buy–by–the–pound outpost right down the street in case you want to stock up on sweaters for the winter. Practicality is key, you know.



Astro Vintage

720 S. 5th St

For those with a more ladylike inclination. It’s on the pricier side, but where else are you going to find genuine houndstooth skirts from the 60s? (Well, apart from your grandmother’s closet).


Philly AIDS Thrift

710 S. 5th Street

Sure, you could get a whole outfit here, funky hat included, but you could also probably walk away with a record player and an entire kitchen set. That’s what we call one–stop shopping.


Circle Thrift

2007 Frankford Ave.

This place has enough from every decade to satisfy any form of nostalgia, and all you youngins out there, listen up — there's a student discount. Enjoy it while you can.