Bob Marley

Let’s take a wild guess: this person travels with eye drops in her pocket at all times and you’ve been welcomed into a typical Radian apartment with a very particular aroma. All this hook up is trying to do is get naked and smoke a little ganj. Or she just like reggae. It’s probably the first one, though.

Radio Head

It might be a good idea to head out the door—you’ve stumbled into the bed of a serious music snob. Expect criticisms on form and technique and a specially–tailored playlist of “legitimate” music (i.e. “Kid A” or “In Rainbows”) to soundtrack your tryst.  Things will get weird.


Congratulations—you’ve met the most generic dude at Smoke’s. When you tell this story to your friends the next day, adjectives like “nice” and “harmless” will come out of your mouth when describing the guy who treated you to a night that was basically just five minutes of missionary.


This potential hookup is explicitly trying to get your pants off—for darker purposes than usual. Idolizing the queen of S&M and quasi–naked Instagrams suggests an especially experimental attitude between the sheets of his twin XL.


So. Hardcore. That’s what whoever has this poster wants you to think. She's taken you home to “bang.” No “making love” is going on here tonight. Expect a belligerent “oooh yeah!” at the end of your sexcapade.