This article was originally published as part of the joke issue on 12.5.2013

“I’m Lovin’ It” —Justin Timberlake

Sounds best when: You’re feeling some sexual prowess as you enter the red–and–yellow playground on 40th and Walnut streets.

McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle is basically synonymous with Big Macs and McFlurrys, but few McD’s patrons know the history of the mantra. Justin Timberlake released “I’m Lovin’ It” under the radar in 2003, and it somehow remains one of his least known songs. As with most of Timberlake’s music, the original single is comprised of a catchy melody and seductive lyrics (“Girl go on and shake your booty”). In true R&B fashion, Timberlake’s symphonic whispering carries sexual undertones. The song is just as mesmerizing as “Rock Your Body” or “LoveStoned,” but it differs in that its success isn’t measured by iTunes downloads. The chorus of the song, with its “parapapapa” (Ed. note: In the original it has a p) reprise, was adopted for McDonald’s signature “I’m lovin’ it” advertising campaign. JT was compensated with a cool $6 million for the song’s rights. Although, following the 2004 Janet Jackson nipple scandal, McDonald’s immediately distanced Timberlake from the jingle to maintain their family–friendly image. The tune is now nothing short of a worldwide marketing phenomenon. The chorus is taken out of its bed–rocking context, but still contains all the seduction of a McNugget whispering, “I know that you wanna get down” in your ear.