Street: So we hear you can float upside down in mid–air, is that true? Chirag Pathre: Yeah, I can. But I can only float if people turn around. But I can definitely flip upside down and land again.


Street: Can you demonstrate? CP: Sure! [Ed. note: he did.]


Street: What do you do for Mask and Wig? CP: I did a lot of musical theater in high school, so I love performing. I do a lot of dancing now—I somehow ended up being the guy that helps choreograph all the stuff that we do. I love writing too, so I end up writing a lot of the songs. I’m not that good at writing dialogue.


Street: If Mask and Wig had a mascot, who would it be? CP: If you know Danny Rodriguez, in last year’s show he played this character called Pantso. He was this crazy, Zorro–like character who runs around and just pantsed everyone to create liberty and justice in the world. He’d be a good one.


Street: What was your favorite role over the years? CP: Sophomore year I played this character called Wendel in this medieval show, and he was a hip–hop parody character in medieval times. He had a mullet. And he had a big sundial instead of a clock around his neck, and I would rap my lines. There was a rap battle at the end of the show, which was pretty awesome.


Street: Tell us the most scandalous thing you did over winter break. CP: Wow, well I watched all of “Scandal,” the TV show. It’s really addicting. It’s really fast paced. I watched it all.


Street: Which romantic comedy describes your life the best? CP: Anything with Hugh Grant in it. He’s just so smooth. “Music and Lyrics!” Like I’m an old '80s pop guy who shakes his hips for younger ladies.


Street: If you could drink with anyone in history, who would it be and why? CP: Charlie Chaplin. He’s just a crazy character in general. He was, like, the world’s most famous and rich man, but he played a poor person all the time. There must have been something really cool about him.


Street: What is your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie? CP: “Brink.” It’s a roller skating one. There’s that line in it where the younger sister tells him, because he’s doing bad in a competition, “I need to give you some advice.” She’s like, “Just. Do. Better!” And then he nails it.


Street: Give us two truths and a lie. CP: I visited Paris but didn’t see the Eiffel Tower, the last movie I watched was Frozen and I sleep with one eye open.


Street: Um...we want to say the Paris one, but how do you sleep with one eye open? CP: No, that’s true. I have a keratoconus, which is like a pointed eyeball thing, so my eye doesn’t close all the way. It’s not fully open, but it’s a bit open. Just my one eye.


Street: So what was the lie? CP: Frozen. It wasn’t the last movie I watched, but the one before that.


Street: What will you be doing on this day in 10 years? CP: Hopefully producing a show or a movie. It’d be a faking of the moon landing, but when they decide that they need to fake it, they hire a director to film it all, but instead they hire a musical director who puts on a big musical.


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