Street: Give us one plug for why we should donate.

Kate Goldenberg: Think about what Penn gave to you in your four years—don’t you want to invest in that and give that to someone else?

Nicole Webster: It’s just investing in the Penn brand. If you want your degree to be valuable 10 years from now, you need to stay involved and be an active young alumni.

Will Smith: Don’t be stingy.


Street: What made you want to be the faces of the Penn Fund?

WS: All of my friends always did it, so I always just thought it was the natural progression where washed–up members of student government went. When you’re no longer relevant in those circles, you start doing this, to make sure the relevant people currently have the resources.


Street: Where do you personally think the money should go?

Nikita Anand: Financial Aid. And another part should go to getting really cool faculty.

KG: Something about housing on campus. They could really do some extermination and fix up the rooms.

WS: I’d want a restaurant. Like an Italian restaurant, that serves macaroni and cheese or something. [Ed. note: #penne]


Street: If Seniors for the Penn Fund had a mascot, who or what would it be?

NA: A margarita.

NW: We founded a chapter of a sorority. Called MARGS.

WS: Mu Alpha Rho Gamma Sigma.

NA: We have chapter at Copa.


Street: What’s the one thing you splurge on?

WS: Sometimes I like to order–in Steven Starr to my room. Just like, mac and cheese and grilled cheese from Jones. Which is really obnoxious.

NA: This is going to be so cliche and I hate myself for saying this

KG: Denim. I feel really strongly about what jeans I wear. I have an absurd—I’m not going to tell you—a disgusting amount of jeans.

NW: Concerts.


Street: What was the last thing you bought?

NA: Oh man, a margarita. Specifically peach from Copa.

KG: Same!

NW: I bought a Long Island.

WS: A margarita...


Street: Salt or sugar on the rim?

NA: Salt. Always salt.

KG: I get sugar, and we decided that was indicative of our personalities.


Street: Fill in the blank: There are two types of people at Penn...

KG: Those who donate to Seniors for the Penn Fund and those who do not. Givers and takers.

WS: People who think they Copa and people who actually Copa.

NW: Student government kids versus everyone else.

NA: Those who are “scene” and those who are “un–scene.”


Street: Fill in the blank: My PennCard looks like...

WS: Shit. It’s like, falling apart. It’s my first one. It’s cracked, the stuff’s peeling. It hardly swipes anymore.

NA: My hair is fuzzy because there was beer in the picture. Because I literally had to crop out a beer can for this picture.

KG: Mine looks pristine.

Street: If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?

WS: My own airplane.

NA: One, a chef to cook me whatever I wanted and, two, someone who would play music and walk around with me.

KG: I would buy a house in the Greek islands.

NW: I would want a personal concert everyday. I would just pay to have all of my favorite artists.


Street: If you could have a Penn building named after you, which one would you choose?

WS: I would go with College Hall. Make sure that Amy remembers who she is working for.

KG: I would do McNeil. It’s so ugly and bizarrely designed inside.

NW: Addams. I spend a lot of time there.

NA: Locust Walk. I would renovate Locust Walk. Nikita’s Stride of Pride.


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