PILF: Professor I’d Like to Fuck

Ex: My ARTH 206 professor is such a PILF, but I think he’s married.

HH: Huntsman Hunk

Ex: Shit, did you see that HH in our finance recitation? Totally husband material.

GDD: God Damn Dependent

Ex: He’s such a GDD. He can’t do anything without his brothers.

SAJ: See–and–judge

Ex: We were SABSing all day yesterday. Let’s go SAJ at Frontera. Who eats Guac at 11 a.m.?

AG: Amy Gutmann

Ex: Can you take off your peacoat please? You look so AG right now.

JBF: Jewish Best Friend

Ex: I’m going to Long Island to spend Yom Kippur with my JBF and her family.

WW: Wharton Wannabe

Ex: She took Intro to Marketing pass/fail—what a WW.


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