There are a lot of contemporary artists hitting the pipe and doing a line. Here are a few:

Danny Brown: The King of Trap doesn’t make his love for the dank shit any kind of secret, and Mr. Brown understands how to get truly messed up. Danny namedrops everything from Adderall in “Outer Space” to “Xanny” in “Blunt After Blunt” to lean and Dr. Pepper in “Attak.”

Listen when: You are trying to turn up but you only have 5 dollars, an insurance card and a coupon at CVS.

Ed Sheeran: Being a British pop star, T–Swift friend, and Ron Weasley look–a–like barely qualifies him for this list, but his radio–friendly pop hit “The A–Team” is actually drugged out to the max. Pro–tip: it's about crack. “Breathing in snowflakes” sounds innocent, but there are actually two versions of this song, the latter being a rap about an abused prostitute (dark, indeed). It's called "Little Lady" and includes lyrics such as “she goes mad for a couple grams."

Listen when: You are slowly giving up on your Math 240 problem set.

Lana Del Rey: As she says in “Cruel World,” “I like my candy.” What kind of candy, exactly? It's probably not Reese’s, because, come on, have you seen her? We'd venture she hasn’t had trans fats in a while. Later in the same song she says, “I like my candy and your heroin.” So, venturing another guess, really not candy.

Listen when: You are already into the spin of the trip and just need to feel the vibe.

alt-J: alt-J wants you to “dissolve me, 2 tabs on your tongue” as their hit “Dissolve Me” suggests. People don’t melt on tongues, but acid does. Plus, a lot of their music will make you feel a little high anyways.

Listen when: You're really trying to impress that girl who “seriously, just did shrooms last weekend.”

Kanye West: We all know Yeezus lives a hell of a life, but he, as he admits, struggles with “Addiction.” He's had problems with not just money, girls or weed, but “all 3.” While he may be his girl’s metaphorical “drug.” they're getting “blown” together in multiple ways.

Listen when: You say you're sorry for your visible intoxication, but you're really not sorry at all.

Goldfrapp: While it’s lyrically apparent that rappers like Rick Ross, Busta Ryhmes, UGK, Immortal Technique and Gucci Mane love their cocaine, given that they all have songs named “Cocaine,” Goldfrapp is a little less obvious. Still, “Ride A White Horse” is a coke anthem if I’ve ever heard one.

Listen when: You're feeling nostalgic about how cool the 1980s were, because you definitely lived through them.

Tove Lo: For those who haven’t heard an EDM remix of one of her songs yet, Tove Lo is in essence a more talented, Swedish Ke$ha. While one of her singles is called “Not on Drugs,” the rest of her album seems to say otherwise, including her hit “Habits” where she “has to stay high all the time.”

Listen when: The crossfade is too real and you just gotta dance.