How much is the truth worth? The episode opens at a talk show, where Castle is facing a barrage of questions regarding his disappearance. Was it a publicity stunt? A case of cold feet? The public just doesn’t seem to believe that Castle is as much in the dark about his whereabouts as they are. In an attempt to clear his name—and get some answers, of course—Castle offers a $25,000 reward to anyone who can give him clues about where he was or what he was doing for two months. This naturally attracts more greedy liars than honest Samaritans, until a sweet couple comes forward with photos from their honeymoon where they found Castle in the background talking to none other than Fake Henry Jenkins in…Montreal.


Box number 38, please. Since Beckett is all wrapped up with this week’s murder mystery (which obviously takes a backseat to the bigger mystery of what’s happening with Castle), Alexis and Castle head to Montreal. Alexis cleverly suggested that maybe the key Lanie found sewn into Castle’s pants was from a safety deposit box at the bank in the photo. In the box, they find three envelopes addressed to Martha, Alexis and Beckett—inside each is a single SD card.


If you’re watching this, I’m probably already dead. The cards each contain a video message, which all essentially say the same thing: he’s sorry, but no matter what happens, he loves them. The videos themselves don’t reveal much, but when Castle passes them on to Tory Ellis at the precinct, she’s obviously able to determine where the videos were recorded based on the shape of some buildings in the window. Of course, they were from Montreal.


It was your choice.  Castle heads to the address without telling anyone, where he runs into Fake Henry Jenkins yet again. He is vague in his answers to Castle and rather predictably tells him to give up the search for his own good. But here’s what’s really interesting: he says that Castle asked to have his memory wiped, because whatever happened was too horrible to live with. And to prove that Castle wanted to forget, FHJ hints at something that happened in February when Castle was 11, and is “the real reason [he] became a mystery writer.” Color us intrigued, am I right?


Let’s not forget about the toys. Meanwhile, Beckett and Co. were busy solving the mystery of Wally Willinger, a successful toy company CEO, who was found with burn marks on his hands and face. It turns out Wally was going undercover as a janitor in his own warehouse to try and sniff out a drug ring. The detectives quickly figure out that it was Wally’s assistant who was trying to smuggle heroin into the country inside some dolls. But I mean, who really cares about that when we all just want to know what happened to Castle? Guess we’ll have to wait for next week’s episode to get any more clues.


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