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Stephanie Tang


Election Reflection: Stephanie Tang

America, you and I have had a rocky relationship. I have idealized you for my entire life. I was always told, ever since I was little, that you were the land of hope, the land of freedom and justice and endless possibility.

Castle Recap: “Meme is Murder”

This week “Castle” takes on cyber issues, and we loved it. (Aired 10.27.2014)

Castle Recap: “Child’s Play”

I scream, you scream, we all scream when people kill ice cream vendors. (Aired on 10.20.2014)

Castle Recap: “Clear & Present Danger”

Married women don’t wear body glitter. (Aired 10.13.2014)

Castle Recap: “Montreal”

Aired on 10.06.2014

Castle Recap: “Driven”

In the season premiere of “Castle,” Stana Katic reminded us exactly how much of a badass Kate Beckett really is, as we watched her attempt to solve the mystery of the Castle’s disappearance. (Aired on 09.29.2014)
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