The Braverman family returned on Thursday in the second episode of their farewell season, picking up right where the first episode left off: in Amber’s kitchen, where she’s just revealed to her mom that she’s pregnant. Sarah reacts less than enthusiastically and doesn’t know what to say when Amber tells her that she plans on keeping the baby.

That week, Joel and Julia go to meet with Sydney’s teacher after receiving an email saying that Sydney’s been having problems with a new girl at school. Her teacher tells them that, in fact, Sydney has been bullying Melody, and asks if there is anything going on at home that might be affecting her. While Julia won’t say anything, Joel breaks the silence by telling Sydney’s teacher that he and Julia have separated. When she storms out of the room, he rushes out into the hallway to stop her.

There, in front of the school vegetable garden that started all the trouble last season, all of Julia’s unspoken anger swells up. She doesn’t want to talk now, after she’s finally okay—after a year of getting over Joel. Nothing is settled, but it’s the first time Julia’s spoken up about how much she’s been hurting in the past year. Later in the week, when Joel and Julia get together and sit down with Sydney to ask her about Melody, she lashes out at them, and it’s clear that just like Julia, the kids are definitely not all right.

Back from his birthday in Vegas, Zeek sees his cardiologist, who tells him the news he’s been dreading: it’s time for open–heart surgery. He refuses, and Adam takes it upon himself to talk some sense into his father. But, he hasn’t got any time: he and Kristina are swamped in phone calls and requests for gluten–free lunches from parents. Later, when Max can’t decide on an arts elective, Adam comes up with a solution to their problems at Chambers Academy (at least for now): culinary arts. He has students cook the lunches, and aside from a flailing knife and chaos in the kitchen, the class is dubbed a success.

Adam passes the Zeek baton to Crosby, who sits his father down to convince him that heart surgery is the way to go. In his backyard over the sound of a baseball game coming from the radio, Zeek explains his philosophy: he’d rather faint now than have something go wrong in the surgery room. Later, at his own 72nd birthday party, he walks in to find his kids arguing about his surgery. (Here, it’s clear that the Bravermans have denounced gluten for good, when Julia shows up with a gluten–free cake.)

When Zeek slips out for a break, he finds Amber crying on the porch, and she tells him that she’s pregnant. A smile spreads across his face as he realizes that he’s going to be a great grandfather. Upon his return to the party, his grandkids present him with their gift, a song they recorded in the studio with Crosby. (It’s corny, but it reminds Zeek that he’s got a lot to live for. Jabar tells him that for his 80th birthday, they’ll be able to use a full band). Later that night, Camille walks into the kitchen to find Zeek at the table with a piece of chocolate cake and a glass of milk. But all hope is not lost—he finally tells Camille that he’ll have the surgery. “Of course.” she says.

The episode ends in classic “Parenthood” style, when Sarah drops in at Amber’s apartment with an album of baby photos. “I realized I forgot to tell you about all the good stuff,” she says.

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