After taking a week off from her storyline, we care about Katherine Winslow again. Her husband’s chief security officer, Dan Kubiak, probably killed Kaitlin and in this episode, killed her BFF Faith, while Quinn and Olivia watched. Clearly something sketchy is going on with these girls and between the father and the security guard, who is an ex–cop with police buddies covering his ass. Faith swallowed a key right before Kubiak shot her, but Quinn retrieves it after a little open–stomach, post–death surgery.

Meanwhile, Huck is using the surveillance gear for a less OPA–approved activity: spying on his old family, Kim and Javi. Kim catches him and threatens to call the cops again. She tricks him into coming in to see Javi, when really it’s just a therapist. It’s supposed to be so heartbreaking that she is trying to get him help for telling the truth about B613 (which she doesn’t belive), but it’s less–so considering the fact that he practically strangles the doc and even though he is telling the truth, he does need help. The audience is probably feeling just as lukewarm about these characters as they feel about each other. It will be interesting to see what he, or maybe even Quinn, does in future episodes to prove that he’s telling the truth.

Speaking of broken relationships, David has taken to drunk dialing Abby. He asks her to lunch to make up for it, but she’s too busy reminding both him and Olivia that they are never, ever, ever getting back together. As David drowns his sorrows, he confesses to Abby the way he has been using the B613 files. For the second episode in a row, someone makes a reference to how “everyone is trying to be Olivia Pope.” Are they trying to talk to the audience or…? News flash: her life sucks. She’s barely gladiatorial at this point. When Abby confronts Liv about how she’s “poisoned” the almighty David Rosen, Liv breaks down in Abby’s arms because…

Jake is being interrogated (PG style) into confessing to the murder of Jerry Grant. Cyrus suggests the President go a less constitutional route, but Fitz wants to play this one by the books. Until the end, of course, when he just beats the shit out of him, himself. Predictably, there’s a ton of back and forth about Liv and the island and Jake being inside of her, etc. Jury is still out on whether this is a nice, universal touch about how everything relates to love. More likely, it’s an idiotic, belittling of the not–so–minor act of domestic terrorism, in which we pretend that all these grown men can think about is sex.

Fitz admits to Mellie that Jerry was killed, and she’s thrilled! She couldn’t be happier that her son’s death wasn’t random, and now she has some concrete way through which to understand it. And so, Smelly Mellie hops into the shower, with a full face of pretty and almost perfect—but so subtle the viewers aren’t supposed to see it—makeup.


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