We know, we know, Coachella is already sold out and you’re feeling restless. We felt bad, so Music decided to bring you the best of the best to fill your “busy” calendars this semester. We bring you a sneak peek of the must-see concerts, coolest venues to check out, and everything else you need to get done before *ugh* finals.

Fifteen For Spring 2015

  • Hit up a “Free At Noon” WXPN concert. It’s close, and it’s free. ‘Nuff said.
  • Chug a beer* with the Fling 2015 headliner (*jager bombs acceptable if it’s a Euro DJ)
  • Sing along to Kweder on stage on at least one Tuesday 
  • Sneak backstage at Union Transfer
  • Get your “Baba O’Riley” on with The Who when they come in May
  • Get kicked out of Electric Factory—because why not?
  • Catch one of First Unitarian Church’s punk shows and rock on
  • Make your pledges undress when the most mainstream song of the month comes on at a bar (hey, Oxford does it)
  • Be a nice person and support one of your roommates’ a capella shows – they're BYO!
  • Hop on a Megabus and attend a secret, warehouse all-night party in Brooklyn
  • Follow 34st-music on Spotify because we will rock your world 
  • Pretend you’re in The Parent Trap and do your air-guitar right to “Bad to the Bone” live, in March
  • Chill with fourteen-year old ravers and Wolfgang Gartner at District Nine a week before Valentine’s Day
  • Become Penn’s newest, hottest, bass-dropping DJ. Aw, c’mon, we dare you.
  • Sneak into Lolla. Kidding: it’s been done.