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Caroline Marques


Morgan Neville on Movies, Music and Making It

Street spoke with Penn alum and Oscar–winner Morgan Neville to discuss his newest film, advice on getting into the business, and the time he listened to 100 records with Keith Richards.

Love, Drugs, and Sex in 3-D

The controversial director’s fourth installment showcases threesomes, orgies, and ayahuasca ceremonies by following two doped-up kids around Paris. And yet, it touches on a lot more than just your two favorite things: love, and of course, sex.

Disclosure: The Second Wave

The British electronic duo brings their sequel to Settle to the U.S.

The Street Seven: A Tuesday With Kweder

Meet the two men behind your favorite late-night set.

Parc Yourself in Steak Frites

Stephen Starr’s Parc, con- veniently located across from Rittenhouse Square, stands out as a great appreciation of French food.


You go get a drink. Where? Here are ten recommendations for what to watch on Friday, based on where you get plastered on Thursday.

Your Week in Film & TV (09.17.15)

Features a Brazilian drama, tidbits from the Toronto International Film Festival and your new favorite TV show

What We Learned at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Many film-lovers dream to attend the Cannes Film Festival, and Street was lucky enough for that to become a reality.


Street caught up with the incendiary founders of Pussy Riot after their talk at the Penn Museum to discuss their most recent music video, their NGO Zona Prava and the value of music.


It was 1994: you were only a few years old, shoving colored cereal down your throat in front of Cartoon Network.

Street At Sundance: '71 Film Review

Welcome to Belfast in ’71.

Street At Sundance: Interview with Sam Klemke

An interview with the man who did "Boyhood", before "Boyhood" even existed. Sam Klemke has filmed his life since 1977.

Street at Sundance: Q&A with Camila Márdila of "The Second Mother"

Camila Márdila stars in The Second Mother, which premiered this year at Sundance and showcases the story of a mother whose estranged daughter comes to live with her in her bosses’ mansion in São Paulo.

Your Week In Music 02.12.15

Valentine's Day may be coming up, but this week is just another week, because music is always our Valentine. Call us—we're single.

#StreetAtSundance: Q&A With Charlie Carver of "I Am Michael"

Intro: It's a Thursday afternoon, and everyone is hustling and bustling inside of the Eccles theater.

#StreetAtSundance: Overheard at Sundance

Park City waiter: My brother owes me hundreds for bailing him out. I’m fucked, because I also owe my ex sixty dollars to clean out her carpet. Yeah, he head-butted me and broke my nose, so now there’s a ton of blood everywhere.

#StreetAtSundance: Most Memorable Moments

We asked a variety of personalities what particular moment epitomized their Sundance 2015 experiences. Here’s what they had to say.

#StreetAtSundance: Most Memorable Moments (Print Version)

We asked a variety of personalities what particular moment epitomized their Sundance 2015 experiences. Here’s what they had to say--plus more online.

Your Week In Music: 1.29.2015

We know, we know: you're tired, you're sick, it's cold outside. So whether you want to "live a little" and explore downtown or sit at home listening to new beats that just came out, welcome to your personalized week in music

Your Semester in Music

We know, we know, Coachella is already sold out and you’re feeling restless. We felt bad, so Music decided to bring you the best of the best to fill your “busy” calendars this semester. We bring you a sneak peek of the must-see concerts, coolest venues to check out, and everything else you need to get done before *ugh* finals.
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