“The coolest thing about studying religious studies is that you get to ask the big questions, like ‘Why are we here?’ or ‘What is the meaning of life?’ Questions that every other major never really ever addresses.”

Rachel Dinh, C ‘17

“The dating scene is definitely better during exams. Tips? Cuter boys come in around midterms and finals, because then it’s not just the nerds, like me, here.”

Allison Bachner, C ‘16

“My dream job is to work for the English Premier League. I’m going to get a piece of paper that says "Wharton" on it. So I think that should help. I’m studying here instead of Huntsman because the environment is too asshole–y.”

Andrew “Zero” Witherspoon, W ‘18

 “I’m a mechanical engineering major. My partner and I made a laser–cut press–fit racecar. Press–fit means that there are no adhesives used, so everything is cut to a thousandth of an inch so that the parts fit together perfectly. I’m running into some issues right now because the axels won’t turn.”

Ros Shinkle E ‘18

“The dating scene here? Um, there are a lot of APES guys here.“      

Seema Patel, C ‘16

“The only thing inspiring me at this point are the dirty carpets and the smell of feet.“

Sufyan Dabbous, W ‘18

“I am most grateful for the fact that Mark’s is open until 3 and Axis is open 24/7.”

 Keren Murillo, C '16

“After midnight, the weirdest people come in. There’s a man in Mark’s with literally piles of books and paper and there’s a guy who looks like the grandpa from Up who strolls around. There’s a man with one leg that chills here, too.”

Alexy Abelanet, C ‘15

“The dating scene down here isn’t great. Probably because talking out loud is really frowned upon.” (Ed. note: Jeez, I can take a hint.)      

Amarsingh Gawande, C ‘18

All photos by Amy Chen


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