Kimberly Lu


Humans of Van Pelt Basement

Your cozy home for midterm hell. Also: apparently there's a dating scene there?

Worst Rush Conversations

At least they made an impression...

Where Are They Now?

Ah, childhood. A sweet but fleeting time defined by popsicles, pretend and passé pop stars. What happened to the crooners of our golden age? They had their five minutes of fame and then faded into irrelevance...or so we think. Let’s take a journey through time! Cue hypnotic, dream sequence beats.

Word on the Street: I'm Your Crazy Girlfriend

“Don’t ever, ever call me again, you low–life scum, you trash!” I hang up with finality, promising that this is the last time I break up with my on–again, off–again “boyfriend”—at least, that’s what I think I’m supposed to call him.
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