Xander Brown, Penn student, Philadelphia (PA):

"The awards party: from the top A–list star to the up–and–coming director, everyone on the industry side made the films and the festival the focus of this week. It was so cool to experience Hollywood in that way. Everyone involved with these films was really accessible and willing to share their insights from the filmmaking experience."

Julie Young, Penn alum and associate producer at Emblematic Group, Los Angeles (CA)

"Because I was an associate producer in a Virtual Reality film in the New Frontier category, we had to spend all day helping people get the glasses on and walk through a room. James Franco came in and my job was to keep him from running into walls!"

Cash Knight, doorman at The Spur Bar & Grill, Park City:

"On Sunday, we had Andry Frasco playing live and I look up on stage and this very drunk young lady had started to take all of her clothes off on the stage, so we get her off to escort her out of the bar. Outside, she gets very verbally confrontational and one of the managers at the door tells her she can’t go in. She swears back saying, “you let me the fuck in the bar”, reaches back and slaps him. As serendipitous as it could possibly be, two police offers walk around the corner as she does so and whisk her off to jail for the night."