It was 1997: you were only a few years old, shoving colored cereal down your throat in front of Cartoon Network. Meanwhile, you were missing out on the “last greatest decade of all time,” aka the Nineties. So to honor your fave characters from Clueless to Cruel Intentions, we’re bringing back some hella fresh trends. If you don’t dig ‘em, you can talk to the hand. Peeeeeace out.


Let’s put aside the hip–hop and preppy for a moment to focus on what we all know is the most important part of the nineties: the leather. We’re talking grunge and alternative rock. We’re talking cheap beer and times when you could still smoke in bars (and no one would judge you for it). All black, all leather, all the time. So maybe it’s difficult now for you to swing this at Smokes', but leather is still 100% relevant. Black leather, brown leather, grey leather—we don’t care. A leather jacket is still the most essential piece of clothing there ever was. (Remember Ethan Hawke’s in Before Sunrise? Yeah.) It’s sexy and simple. If you can pair it with a tight choker and some red lipstick (and you should), then more power to ya.


Part of what will make your Nineties’ outfit so stylin’ is your accessories. You should only be wearing Chuck Taylors or Doc Martens (perfect for repelling the sticky floors at late nights). Bandanas and Aviator sunglasses are also a must, but don’t ever, ever feel the need to bring back the tube tops and jelly shoes. While maxi skirts are okay, mid–calf go–go boots will never be a thing. Knee–high boots and socks, on the other hand, are good to go. If you’re going to the gym, opt for slouch socks and an oversized sweatshirt. Given the recently formed tundra outside, army cargo should also still be a thing. Chilling at home? Acid wash jeans and overalls are the way to go. We swear you won’t look ridiculous, just super, like, retro.


The Nineties’ fave may be the leather jacket, but flannel comes in close second. After all, you wear flannel when you’re lunchin’. You wear flannel when you’re banging, getting jiggy and freaking out. Before poser hipsters hailing from Brooklyn or another totally gentrified geographic ruined flannel for the rest of us, loose, tartan flannel shirts were the shit. Plus, what else would you put on when you try too hard to fit in at Fiume (Ed. note: to all mainstreamers, that’s a bluegrass bar on 45th)? Think about it, dude—flannels are comfortable, chill, and most importantly, easy to take off after one too many white Russians.