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Jillian Karande


Easy Ways to Give Your Cold Weather Clothes a New Life

It’s cold. Let’s get the most out of the cozy clothes you already have. 

You Have to Listen to This: This Is The Kit

  The effortlessly inventive folk songs your life has been missing

Love & Honey Fried Chicken: Chicken with Soul

Southern comfort in North Philly

Trader Joe's Is the Shit

21st and Market doesn’t seem that far when you can get food this good. 

The Best Reading Spots on Campus

Bookworms rejoice!

Small Ways to be a Little Kinder to Yourself

Go easy on yourself, you deserve it. 

How to Actually Be Productive This Semester

A surface guide to getting your shit together.

Street's Summer Road Trip Playlist

Buckle up, it's road trip season.

Psych Folk Resurgence

Originating in the drug-fueled haze of the 60s, psychedelic folk continues to permeate the indie music scene today.

Grown–up Books for Your Inner Child

Revisiting your beloved childhood reads to find some new favorites

The Ice Cream Sandwich Roundup You've been Waiting For

Ice cream sammy szn is the new SABSing szn

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth: A Look at Philly Bakeries

When you're in the mood for a different kind of wake and bake

Giving middle school jams a new life

Some music suggestions based on the shit you liked when you were 13.

The Penn Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

Locust Walk? Catwalk? What's the difference?

It Takes Two: A Duet Playlist

aka the "holy shit I'm lonely af" mix

Instrumental Study Playlist

We get it. Words are distracting sometimes.
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