1. Hayden Hall: Watch Jumanji. Repress the nightmares you had after watching it when you were six. After you watch Jumanji, Hayden Hall (the environmental studies building to the uninitiated) will retraumatize you with its plants and rock displays that remind you of that kid's terrifying monkey face. 
  2. Huntsman: Watch Lost. Seriously, think about it. The characters on Lost are exactly like those who frequent Huntsman: always speaking very rapidly, arguing about something and never really telling you the truth. Not to mention how intellectually lost or physically lost you feel in Huntsman. Too many floors and not enough windows, guys. Shut it down.
  3. Williams: Watch Jane the Virgin.  This adapted telenovela on the CW features people speaking Spanish and is the closest to language immersion you’ll get without actually having to, you know, learn. 
  4. DRL: Watch 2 Broke Girls. Fun Fact: creator Whitney Cummings is a Penn alum. You can convince people that you’re not actually intellectually superior. It’ll make you seem more approachable!
  5. Greek Lady: Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  This one seems self-explanatory. Opa!
  6. Rittenhouse Square: Watch Taxi Driver. If you spend that much time in Rittenhouse, you’re probably not one to SEPTA there. We're hoping the sequel, Uber, will be out soon.
  7. Hillel: Watch Prince of Egypt. What better movie to emotionally prepare yourself for Passover? (Ed. note: No time like the present.) Get yourself a wrap, complete with unleavened bread and watch Moses slay the animated musical game.
  8. Van Pelt: Watch The Shining. Not to be a downer, but you’ve got to prepare yourself for the mental break you’re clearly about to have.
  9. Rooftop Lounges: Watch Vertigo. You’ll garner a considerable appreciation for the room length glass windows after seeing the kind of anxiety standing on unenclosed roofs cause these Hitchcock characters. 
  10. Pottruck: Watch Bigger Stronger Faster. Look, no one’s saying those guys who are always in the second floor weight room do steroids. That’s not fair. But I mean, if they were to have a friend who did, they might want to recommend Bigger Stronger Faster, a documentary about anabolic steroids. For their friend.