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Cassandra Kyriazis


Who You Gonna Call? Not Women, Apparently

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but I am afraid of women’s stories being ignored in film.

How To Style Your Fling Tank Sunburn

Trade in your fleshly–made human spaghetti–strap look for something a little more tasteful

Your Week in Film & TV: April 23-30

This week, on campus you can find Inside Llewyn Davis and a Scandal watch party, a new addition to the Marvel Universe, and sadness if you missed Ellie Kemper.

Concert Movies for the Kesha-Haters

Why spend money to be surrounded by sweaty crowds and marijuana clouds when you can enjoy a concert while in your bed, surrounded by pillows (and marijuana clouds, if that’s your thing.

Ins & Outs

IN: Going to see Fast 7. Vin Diesel declared it’s going to win an Oscar, and it has an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Plus, Paul Walker.

The Penn Student Film Festival: Making Movies to Make Movies

The Penn Student Film Festival has been around as long as the Cinema Studies major—since about 2004.

Ego’s Awards for Creative Fundraising

1st: PHI GAMMA NU Balls 4 Balls This business frat clearly knows how to grab life by the balls.

Your Week in Film 02.26.2015

A lot of Jack Black on campus, the Oscars, and Kevin Spacey are coming at you this week in film & TV.

Top 10: If You Hang Out Here, Watch This

Studying sucks. Procrastinate with one of these thematically appropriate movies at your locale of choice.

How to Sound Knowledgeable At Your Oscars Viewing Party

Of course you saw Birdman and Foxcatcher. Totally. And no, bragging about that doesn't make you seem like a mega–douche.

Which Best Picture Nomination Speaks to Your Soul?

Find out what Best Picture movie you are, with the help of Street's flowchart. 

Netflix Pick of the Week: Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts, a 2012 indie film streaming on Netflix, portrays a college exactly the opposite of Penn's over-scheduled, over-worked, over-tired student body.

Your Week In Film & TV: 2.12.2015

3 Alternatives to Fifty Shades of Grey

All of the Friday & Saturday showings of Fifty Shades of Grey at the Rave are sold out. But never fear: These films are available to stream on Netflix and will make you just as—if not more—uncomfortable.

Foxcatcher's John du Pont Went to Penn?!

Penn in Film: Billionaire Killer Edition

On Getting Cut

When you get to Penn, you hear a million things about sorority rush. One girl says it’s the best thing she ever did, while another didn’t even think about trying it. One girl realized it wasn’t for her and dropped out, while another found her best friends. The one thing you won’t hear is what the girl who got cut has to say. I'm that girl.

Penn Alum Tweets: Max Handelman

Max Handelman is an accomplished Hollywood producer, with credits on films like Pitch Perfect. More importantly, he's Mr. Elizabeth Banks and her Penn Sweetheart, having graduated from Penn with her in 1995.

Review — "The DUFF"

The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend, that is) is a typical high school comedy, but finally one that's not about a character who looks nothing like the people you see every day. This Mae Whitman teen comedy is as funny as it is truthful about social hierarchies in high school.

Philadelphia Film Festival Review: “Life Partners”

"Life Partners" is Leighton Meester and Adam Brody’s new film (spoiler alert: no, they don’t get together)

​Philadelphia Film Festival Review: “Love, Rosie”

“Love, Rosie” starring Lily Collins and Sam Clafin is enjoyable, but forgettable.
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