What to Get The F*** Out of Bed For:

  • Not Fifty Shades of Grey, because all the convenient showings for Friday & Saturday are sold out at the Rave. 
  • [Free!] screening of Harold & Maude @ Gregory College House on Thursday, Feb 12 @ 8pm. H&M focuses on an offbeat love story between a death–obsessed guy in his 20s and a woman in her 70s. Cat Stevens also provides a killer soundtrack.
  • [Still free!] screening of 10 Things I Hate About You in the Harnwell Rooftop Lounge @ 8pm, Heath Ledger > Penn boys. RIP.
  • [Did we mention these are free?] screening of Dracula @ Gregory College House on Saturday, Feb 14 @ 8pm, a movie almost as scary as the concept of Valentine's Day. 

What to Read:

  • Entertainment Weekly published a rare long–form article about what this whole Fifty Shades of Grey fad really means. Hint: it's not that all women want their own Christian Grey. 
  • Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue cover got whiter: Reese Witherspoon, Benedict Cumberwhatsit, and Channing Tatum are among the stars gracing the issue this year. It's a spread to see, but in a year when many are outraged over MLK biopic Selma's many Oscar snubs, the lack of diversity isn't boding well with a lot of people. 

What to Catch on TV (or more likely your parents' Xfinity TV account):

  • Last Week Tonight came back to HBO this past Sunday. And John Oliver is back with even more punch than last year.  Watch out, FCCMiss America and probably all other organizations with any hint of corruption.
  • The Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse–themed hit on AMC, also came back Sunday with a season premiere full of twists and turns.  Fans were hopeful that a certain character killed off last season might have come back, but fans were disappointed by only a tease of her singing