College senior Rachel Goodman got Trevor, her golden retriever, during the spring of her sophomore year. Since then, he’s learned to open doors, which is why two campus police officers have Rachel’s phone number and regularly return him to her. When he’s not spending his days in the Sigma Chi chapter house, Trevor likes to chase tour groups, pee on the Love Statue and run around High Rise Field. This two–year–old pup will definitely brighten your next rainy day in his yellow raincoat. 


There’s more than one Nugget on this campus. College junior Srey Beaulac got her chinchilla, Nugget, last school year. Since then, she's adopted Nugget’s counterpart, French Fry, from a friend and the two now live together in her room, where they like to push the door of their cage open and hide under her bed. The hyperactive rodents jump around her bathroom—from the bathtub to the sink, but they can’t get wet. Instead, they take dust baths to keep their fur dry.

French Fry


College senior Emily Kager got her mini Goldendoodle, Lulu, the day she finished finals her sophomore year. Lulu was just a puppy then, but she quickly shot to Insta–stardom on her very own Instagram account, @luludoodle. When Emily lived in London last summer and fall, Lulu followed, taking the tube with her owner to work every day. Now Lulu’s back on campus, enjoying long walks down Locust and lounging while neuroscience major Emily does her homework. 


College senior Haley Cooper loves McDonalds. When her season ended last fall, the soccer player headed to Brooklyn to pick up her now six–month–old hairless cat, Nugget, who she named with her love for the Golden Arches in mind. Nugget takes a bath every other week and climbs around Haley’s house on Pine, where he’s showered with attention from everyone that comes through. Follow Nugget and his wrinkles on Instagram @nugget_the_hairless_cat.


Every Friday, Mackenzie Moore brings a guest to her Italian class: her four–year–old dog, Izzy. The Wharton sophomore rescued the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel last spring and brought her to school in the fall.  Izzy can’t hear, so she doesn't mind the noisy frat scene. You can find her having a good time at APES and SAE, but she stays away from Zete, her least favorite fraternity. Izzy's slowly but surely taking over campus, one Huntsman study session at a time.

Bear Claw

Bear Claw may be the only male in a house of 13 girls, but this Netherland dwarf rabbit holds his own. When College sophomore Haley Wickham started missing her dog last September, she toyed with the idea of adopting a rabbit. Less than a week later, she ended up in the parking lot of an Amish grocery store, where a breeder handed her this grey ball of fluff. Bear Claw, who will celebrate his first birthday on May 18th, enjoys walks in his harness and hanging out with his swim team roommates. 


College senior and swimmer Dillon McHugh got Charmander for his birthday last year. Charmander eats crickets and vitamins, bobs his head to music and flares his beard when he’s agitated. Although Charmander is the honorary men's swim team mascot, bearded dragons can’t drink water, so Dillon bathes him in a human bathtub. Charmander's favorite pasttime is sitting in his glass case and looking serene. 

Luis Suárez

After finding this four–week old kitten on Craigslist over the summer, College senior John Trueman adopted Luis Suárez, naming him after the Uruguayan soccer player who bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup last summer. Luis, a striped orange cutie, climbs the walls in his apartment on 39th and Chestnut, kills mice and enjoys watching cat videos on YouTube. John’s roommates Zac Endter (C’16), Connor Ryan (C ‘15) and Ryan Matter (C ‘15) help make sure that Luis stays fed with his Kit & Kaboodle cat food. 


Four–month–old Guillermo eis Inquar Jürgen B. Lennon Fingerhood–Tarver may just be the most comfortable resident of Penn’s campus. College juniors Olivia Fingerhood and Khadija Tarver adopted the Flemish giant in February. They're raising him in their Baltimore avenue apartment, where he has his own room and likes to sit at his window and ponder the state of society. Young Guillermo weighs around four pounds now, but he’ll eventually be between ten and fifteen—about the size of a small dog.