Why spend money to be surrounded by sweaty crowds and marijuana clouds when you can enjoy a concert in your bed, surrounded by pillows (and marijuana clouds, if that’s your thing). That’s right, concert movies are the lazy man’s way of enjoying music. And since we doubt you’ll be able to move come the actual Fling concert, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite concert movies for you to enjoy.

This Is Us (One Direction):

Listen, you don’t have to be ashamed. Street loves Harry Styles as much as you do. And This Is Us, One Direction’s 2013 big screen debut, is a wonderful testament to the sugar–coated songs of the boyband—and you get to experience the music without sobbing thirteen–year–olds next to you.

Fade To Black (Jay Z):

Kygo just a little too chill for your taste? Find comfort in Fade To Black, Jay Z’s “farewell” to music at Madison Square Garden. Jay Z’s lengthy set is a spectacle and you get to bask in the glory of Beyonce circa 2004.

The Grateful Dead Movie (Grateful Dead):

Are you better than listening to Kesha music? Fellow Deadheads probably think so, too, which is why this fan–centric concert movie might be the thing for you. Directed by the dead’s own Jerry Garcia, it chronicles their five–day run at the San Francisco Winter Ballroom in 1974. It’s famous for its focus on the Deadheads, rather than just the bad, and could be just the right substitute for Friday’s concert.

This Is It (Michael Jackson):

Was Michael Jackson crazy? Should you feel guilt when you tell those Michael Jackson jokes? Is he really dead? This documentary won’t answer those questions, but it will remind you just how talented the guy was, following Jackson getting ready for a series of sold out concerts he was supposed to perform in London in 2009 before he suddenly died. We can answer one question for you: Should you watch this? That’s as easy as one, two, three: yes.