What to get the fuck out of bed for:

  • Little known fact: George Clooney still manages to sound sexy even when portraying a claymation fox #nowyouknow. The PFS Theater at the Roxy will be showing Fantastic Mr. Fox 11am on Saturday, April 25th. Tickets are $9 with a student ID, so treat yourself to this Wes Anderson confection.
  • We’re willing to bet you’ve never seen Inside Llewyn Davis, the Coen brothers’ 2013 indie darling. We’re also willing to bet that you’re dying to see a bearded Justin Timberlake sing folk music. Catch an 8pm screening of Inside Llewyn Davis on Tuesday, April 28th in Gregory College House.
  • Rodin College House will be holding a Scandal Watch Party at 9pm on Thursday, April 23rd (so like, today). Get your tweeting thumbs ready to join the live tweet frenzy that Scandal is famous for.

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What you need to stream: 

  • Game of Thrones. Sunday, April 26th at 9pm. Like you didn’t already know.
  • The first season of Daredevil streaming on Netflix. This newest addition to the Marvel Universe takes place in a new New York, rebuilt after the destruction of the city in The Avengers. It also features a new set of abs for you to ogle and a grownup Mighty Duck playing the blind superhero’s best friend. And yeah, like the kids playing hockey in Mighty Ducks.

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Every day this week: 

  • Kick yourself for not seeing Ellie Kemper’s interview in Harrison Auditorium this past Tuesday. Never fear, Kimmy Schmidt is still streaming on Netflix.


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