• Insect Repellent: For those moments when you’re trying to kill your bitch roommate.
  • Crowbar: A college degree is all about opening doors, but your comm degree won't help when you are locked out at four a.m.
  • Ben and Jerry’s: Sometimes you have a bad day and need ice cream. Sometimes you have a bad day and need to shatter a window. Either way this pint is a positive.
  • Kiddie Pool: For when the dorm showers are all taken.
  • Bronco: The fastest way to get around campus.
  • Pickle Costume: Wear it out, and when you get sexiled it’s a portable sleeping bag.
  • George Foreman Grill: For when you need to crimp your hair real quick.
  • Parrot: To remember your to do list.
  • Gluten Free Paint: For roommates who are conscious of their roommate’s dietary restrictions.
  • Polaroid Camera: For when you spot a unicorn. These things happen.


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