Photo: Chance the Rapper 

If you like Warpaint but want to be even more #alternative, then try out indie pop artist Youth Lagoon: 

Set to drop their newest album, "Savage Hill Ballrooms," tomorrow, Youth Lagoon has tweaked their 2011 dreamy softness to include stronger percussion accents and an increase in tempo while still keeping the reflective quality that made them such a hit.

If you vibe with Chance the Rapper’s catchy sound, then check out rap artist Kyle:

Kyle (formerly known as K.i.D.) emerged in recent years with a noticeably laid–back attitude and willingness to experiment with different synth sounds to accent his smooth flow. His lyrics contain a standard balance of bragging and self–deprecation, but his musical boldness, apparent in the original and impressive sound of his tracks, make him stand out in an important way. Smyle, his newest album, drops October 2nd.

If you’re trying to cope with Cyberbully Mom Club’s hiatus, then try another Philly-native musician, Alex G: 

Characterized by the classic bedroom artist lo–fi sound, Alex G's music has an appealingly earnest lyrics and carefully constructed melodies. His newest album, Beach Music, comes out on Oct. 9.

If you miss LCD Sound System’s 2005-2007 vibe, then check out artist !!! (Yes, this band’s name is literally just three exclamation points. Because nothing is more underground than a name that literally cannot be pronounced):

This band has kept a strong mix of dance–punk and pop in its repertoire as it's grown through the years, often making bold production decisions and experimenting with different electronic and funk sounds. Their newest album, As If, will be released Oct. 18.

If you’re looking for a lighter, more upbeat version of The Decemberists, then check out EL VY:

EL VY, a side project formed by Menonmena’s Brent Knopf and The National’s Matt Berninger, combines Knopf’s creative melodic constructions and Berningers often–serious lyrics. Together, they create a smooth and low–key catchy sound in the tracks dropped in preparation for their album release. The album, Return to the Moon, comes out on Oct. 30.

If you digThe Morning Benders but wish they [went a little harder]/[were more high energy], then check out Born Ruffiansn:

This Canadian indie rock band first hit the scene in 2006 with their distinctly punk-y release of “This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life.”

They have since been polished down into a mixture of strummy, folksy and upbeat tunes, toning down some of the cacophonous angst that they started off with. Their upcoming album, RUFF, is set to drop on Oct. 2.


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