Ticonderoga Pencil: Your dad obviously bought too many 100–packs of these when you were in second grade. He sends them to you every week.You don't stop him. 

Four–Ink Pen: DOODLING IS FUN! Well at least you think it is as you obsessively finish your Digimon drawings with shaded lines and full color.

Chalk: The chalk from the pommel horse and synchronized trampoline was all you had left after your Olympic dreams dried up.  

Quill and Ink: Sometimes you choose the Harry Potter life, sometimes the Harry Potter life chooses you.

Space Pen: Aunt Jessica spelled your name wrong on this pen she got you for your Bat Mitzvah, but on the bright side it still hasn't run out of ink. What a gift.

Mechanical Pencil with a Fluff Ball On Top: Attempting to overcome your fear of Furbies. 

Erasable Pen: Can't commit. Run away.


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