Last Thursday, Street made it down to Bob and Barbara’s Lounge. Known for its weekly drag show hosted by Miss Lisa Lisa (“so nice she was named twice”) and for creating the Citywide Special (if you don’t know what that jawn is, do you really go to school in Philly?), this South Street landmark is the move if you don’t want to go to Smokes' for the hundredth time this month. Just like our friendly neighborhood college bars—but a lot less of a drag.

11:33pm: Arrive at Bob and Barbara’s Lounge. The bouncer is a man dressed up as Pikachu.

11:40pm: Latina drag queen comes out dancing salsa. Her fake boob also comes out.

11:43pm: Boob back in place.

11:47pm: Nervous Miss Cherry performs for first time ever @B&B. You can tell. Two out of ten stars. 

11:57pm: It’s Miss Geisha’s birthday. By now, we know three things: She likes sequins, ombre and stuffing cupcakes into people’s mouths. #DragDrunchies.

12am: Miss Misty comes out. We all want to be her. #Slay.

12:26am: Next Performance. Leather–clad Cruella de Vil and chained–up dalmatian–dog–man come out.

12:27am: Oh. Whips are involved. Watch her whip. Watch her naynay.

12:29am: Is the dalmatian’s ass white and gold or black and blue?

12:30am: Definitely black and blue.

12:39am: Still traumatized, but the next performer finally comes out.

12:41am: She’s dressed like a pirate and she’s apparently a singer.

12:42am: That is, if pirates had garters and their free albums were released on SoundCloud.

12:45am: The chorus of her hit single is a soulful, “Fuck off.” Yo, same.

12:41am: The future American Idol contestant exits stage. #HelloFromtheOtherSide.

12:42am: Miss Icon dominates thestage. Philly drag show meets Brazilian Carnaval.

12:45am: Samba and cheesesteaks. Caipirinhas and pretzels. Weird but an A+, just like these combos.

12:55am: Sound the alarms. We let Lisa Lisa know there is a birthday girl with us.

1am: Naturally, the birthday gal is to take the stage, according to the host.

1:01am: Birthday betch gets into it.

1:05am: The crowd goes wild.

1:12am: Birthday girl on performance: “Just like Rumor, except I made a $2 tip.”

1:14am: It wasn’t actually her birthday. At least she got a t-shirt. 

1:20am: Rasta Boi Punani, a drag KING, comes out. Game changer.

1:25am: Dreads and all–reggae–everything. Respect.

1:32am: The drag king gives us buttons with his face on it. We swear we’ll keep them for as long as we live.

1:38am: There are only like ten people left at the bar, but we're not going anywhere.

1:40am: Just kidding, we are. Last performer.

1:55am: Selfies with drag royalty before heading back to Penn.

2:00am: Uber arrives. It has disco lights, lotion and hand sanitizer. We ask the Uber driver about it.

2:01am: “You don’t want to know.” Oooo-kaaaaay.

2:10am: Safe and sound at the final destination of the night: Allegro. Our bellies are full of french fries and our hearts are warm with drag queen appreciation.


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