1) Take a Class

The cinema studies department at Penn offers many classes every semester that will educate you about the many different aspects of film. Le duh. However, many other departments have classes that include films in their syllabi. Try searching “films” or “movies” in the "Description includes” search bar of Penn Course Review. For specific recommendations, allow me to refer you to a Street article from a couple weeks ago, aka an article I wrote. Yup… shameless.

2) Attend a Screening or Colloquium

The cinema studies department does more than giving you movies for homework! Anywhere from about 2 to 5 times a week, the department conducts various events including screenings, pre-screenings, colloquiums, and panels. If you don't know what the difference between a lecture and colloquium is, maybe go to a colloquium and get back to me since I don’t really know either.

3) Apply to an Abroad Program

Just because you are thinking about leaving campus doesn’t mean that you need to leave your film education behind, too. When applying for Study Abroad programs, click on "Advanced Search" and narrow your results by looking at programs with options for Film Studies or Cinema Studies. Maybe even go abroad this summer (since we all know having an internship is overrated af) by applying to the Penn-in-Cannes program. Actually, please don’t. I really want to get in this year. Bye...

4) Join a Club

Pump up that resumé for OCR (said no film major ever…) and join a club or two that “complement your interests!” Some of the many notable clubs at Penn that can boost your film experience include Bent Button Productions, the Penn Animation Club, SPEC Film Society, Clear Screens, and even 34th Street! Aspire to be a Film Beat, aka to be me.


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