San Francisco is really turning into the scene. But what’s next for America? Lowbrow explores what cities are sitting just waiting to turn trendy! Here’s where you should be investing your property:

While Williamsburg is hot right now, hipsters love new trends. Omaha, Nebraska is the next thing. Explore its 20–minute drives, seemingly normcore three–star hotels and Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting. (You don’t want to miss the Woodstock of staunch capitalists.) Discover why it will have everyone saying, "Oh! My! Ha!"

For those with an interest in history, Athens, Georgia really takes the pie! Not only are there columns everywhere, but there may also be a chiseled pectoral or two. But don’t get too hooked on wine; they only drink Diet Coke there. It’s very much their aesthetic.

Wichita, Kansas, the city that blames mice for stealing marijuana, is ripe to become the next road(ent) hub! Come here for non–modified weather and a lack of cherry pies a la mode on Sundays. The Knork (knife–fork) put it on the map, and housing prices are on the rise!

The real pear to Nashville’s apple is Bartlett. Get ready for a 55,000 sq. ft. recreation center and tons of racquetball. When this becomes the sport of choice, Bartlett will grow a pear and become the real standout of America! Hop on this nutty train before it takes off!



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